Things to do in Venice

About Things to Do in Venice

The things to do in Venice give you a glimpse of the city, its heritage, and culture, which is not just extraordinarily beautiful, but also significant historically. Visiting the St. Mark's Basilica, which was constructed in 1092 and is today one of the most important ecclesiastical buildings in Northern Italy, is among the top things to do in Venice. It is a stunning illustration of Gothic design. The Lido is an ideal spot to go if you want some peace and quietness, and you wish to avoid the majority of tourists. There is a long, magnificent beach for you to indulge in, on this isolated island that divides Venice from the Adriatic Sea.Venice is made up of 117 little islands that are connected by a number of bridges and spaced apart by a system of canals. Venice is still a significant commercial hub and one of the most visited cities in the world. Each year, millions of tourists come to this collection of islands to see attractions like St. Mark's Basilica and the Grand Canal.

Things to do in Venice

Explore St. Mark's Basilica

The Doge's private chapel, currently adorned with Byzantine art masterpieces that were seized and carried back by Venetian ships after Constantinople fell, is without a doubt the most well-known church in Venice. St. Mark's Basilica is among the simplest recognisable structure in the entire globe. The 4,240 sq meters of gold mosaic that embellish the domes and walls within this Basilica, are only hinted at by the gold-backed mosaic images above the doors on the façade. While enjoying one of the interesting things to do in Venice, you'll also encounter treasures from earlier eras, such as later mosaics made by Titian and Tintoretto, whose names you'll see all around the city. These give its enormous interior an uniquely Byzantine vibe.

Visit St. Mark's Square

The beautiful homogeneity of this square’s architecture on its three sides unites the huge length of Venice's greatest square, and gives it an almost intimate feel. St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco), however, is cherished as Venice city’s living room, the place where everyone congregates, meets friends, drinks coffee, stops to chat, stroll, and guide tours, or simply passes through on the way to work or play. This is due to more than just its architectural beauty. Arcades that are framed on three sides are home to chic boutiques and even chicer cafés. During your exploration of the top things to do in Venice, you will come across the irregular swirls, mosaics, exotic curves, and lacey stone filigree of St. Mark's Basilica serve as a landmark for the open end.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Between 1515 and 1560, this beautiful structure made of white marble was constructed to house a San Rocco-inspired charity organization which you should consider visiting as one of the top things to do in Venice. To the annoyance of his opponent painters, the famous Venetian painter Tintoretto entered the building and placed his picture in its proper location before the judgment, winning the competition to create the central panel for the ceiling of the Sala dell'Albergo not long after it was finished. Later, he painted a full cycle of paintings that are regarded as the artist's finest work and decorated the room's walls and ceilings.

Discover Doge's Palace

Visitors to Venice used to dock underneath the facade of this magnificent palace. They couldn't help but admire its immensity and the grace of its architecture, which was regarded as one of the best things to do in Venice. They would pass through the Porta della Carta, a magnificent example of Venetian Gothic at its height, climb the towering Scala dei Giganti and the gold-vaulted Scala d'Oro, and then be greeted in Sala del Collegio, a room that many people consider to be the palace's most beautiful space, if they were welcomed by the Doges (the chief magistrate of Venice).

Visit Torre dell'Orologio

One of Venice's most recognisable landmarks is a clock tower,located beside the basilica, looking out onto Piazza San Marco. The clock tower is topped by two bronze Moors who ring a huge bell once an hour. The clock face features the zodiac and moon phases in gold on a blue backdrop. A small balcony and a statue of the Virgin Mary are located above the clock. Giorgio Massari added the winged Lion of St. Mark and a mosaic of golden stars on a blue backdrop above that in 1755. The tower itself is a superb example of Venetian Renaissance design and dates to the 15th century. The Call Mercerie, one of Venice's busiest streets, flows through an arched doorway at its base.

Admire The Beauty of Campanile

The Campanile, which dominates Piazza San Marco like a massive exclamation point, is not the first building to stand here, which was constructed in 1153 as a lighthouse, but had to be completely rebuilt in 1902 after collapsing into the piazza. Additionally, the Great Council members' gathering place before meetings, the Loggetta, a modest marble loggia completed in 1540, was rebuilt. The loggia at the base between the columns houses Sansovino's four bronze masterpieces, all of which were recovered from the rubble after the collapse. There is a darker side to the Campanile's history: throughout the Middle Ages, prisoners, including dissident priests, were caged and raised halfway up the tower.

Take a Boat Ride at Grand Canal

The Grand Canal, which connects Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and the places where the rail station and bridge from the mainland arrive, cuts through the center of Venice in a massive reverse S curve. Only four bridges span over a length of 3.8 kilometer, and at various locations between the bridges, decrepit gondolas known as traghetti carry passengers back and forth. Anyone who claimed to have any sort of influence in Venice would usually be found around The Grand Canal. The grand Venetian Gothic and Early Renaissance façade of the palaces of all the powerful families face the canal, where the public arrived.

Experience a Romantic Gondola Ride

The Venice gondola rides has traversed the waterways of this Italian city for generations and a ride is considered as one of the best activities to do in Venice. From the comfort of your individual watercraft, which includes red velvet-cushioned chairs, take in the best of Venice and its unique palazzi. Float along the numerous bridges and through the picturesque inner canals that make up this special city, which is guaranteed to win your heart.

Visit Gallerie dell'Accademia

This Grand Canal museum, also known as "Accademia," houses the largest and most complete collection of Venetian paintings from the 15th to the 18th centuries. The majority of the collection, which is presently on display in the old Monastery of Santa Maria della Carità, was put together from shuttered monasteries and churches as well as the clearing of houses of noble families. Some of the galleries, like the first, which features Venetian Gothic Painting, have ceilings that date to the 15th century and have intricate carving and gilding. Because the works are grouped chronologically, you can compare the works of contemporaries as well as study the development of styles while indulging in these activities to do in Venice.

Checkout The Arsenal and the Museum of Naval History

The Arsenal, the Venetian Republic's shipyard, was the greatest and busiest in the world until the end of the 17th century. From the moment it was formed in 1104, it continued to expand until it achieved a peak employment of 16,000 workers. In order to safeguard the top-secret production methods that allowed it to produce a completely sea-ready ship in a single day. The Arsenal was only accessible by one land route and one maritime one. The Republic was able to maintain its understanding of shipbuilding a secret until about 1550, thanks to its extraordinary secrecy.


What are the best things to do in Venice?

  • Visit the Bridge of Sighs
  • Go to the Venetian Ghetto
  • Explore Piazza San Marco
  • Go for aperitivo
  • Climb the Campanile
  • Visit St. Mark's Basilica

Is Venice worth visiting?

Yes, Venice is definitely worth visiting as it is built on more than 120 different islands that are interconnected by more than 400 bridges. Venice is widely held for its rich history and age old architectural marvels that draws around 20 million tourists from all over the world every single year.

What is the best time to visit Venice?

The best time to visit Venice would be from the month of April to the month of June as in this period of time, the weather remains favorable for outdoor activities and the range of temperature remains moderate. You can also indulge in loads of things to do in Venice with your loved ones and make some amazing memories to cherish.

What are the best things to do in Venice with family?

Some of the best things to do in Venice with family are:- Tour the Grand Canal on the Vaporetto- Join the Horses on the Portico of St. Mark'- Explore the Spooky Prisons in the Doge's Palace- Go Lion Hunting- Ride in a Gondola- Shop for Masks- Watch Glassblowers on Murano

What are the most popular museums in Venice?

  • Gallerie dell'Accademia
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Ca' Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Museo Storico Navale di Venezia
  • Pinault Collection
  • Ca'Rezzonico
  • Museo della Musica

What are the most romantic things to do in Venice?

Some of the most romantic things to do in Venice are:- Watch Opera Like Never Before at Teatro La Fenice- Enjoy A Cuddlesome Vaporetto Ride- Shop Your Heart Out at Dorsoduro- Explore The Doge's Palace- Enjoy The Scenic Views from the The Rialto Bridge- Explore The City From The Heights at San Giorgio Maggiore


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