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About Best Time To Visit Venice

The best months to visit Venice are April, May, September, and October as the months fall under spring, which is absolutely amazing in the country. These months don't get the extreme winter weather and lots of bright sunshine. These months are fantastic for visiting Venice to see its unspoiled nature because of the great weather and the absence of large crowds.

Venice is also known for its many carnivals, you can plan accordingly and travel during your favorite carnival months from December to February. August is not recommended for Venice as the weather is not ideal and is very hot. You can find many mosquitoes and bugs, and the city is too crowded with tourists. If you are looking for budget travel, the best time to visit Venice is during winter as the flights are lowest during these months. It is also recommended to book your tickets online in advance so that you don't miss the chance due to last minute rush.

Best Time to Travel to Venice

Venice in Fall (September to November)

Venice in Fall is beautiful, you can enjoy the days outdoors as the sky is clear and blue, however, the nights get pretty chilly. During the month September the city shows no signs of rainfalls which makes it perfect for outdoor activities, whereas, in November the place receives the highest amount of rainfalls making it perfect for all monsoon lovers. The temperature during fall season ranges between 18 to 11 degree celsius. You can witness many events and festivals such as Halloween when all of the local restaurants and pubs are decorated in the colors of scary events and fun. You can also enjoy Festa di San Martino, which is celebrated by kids, or can learn more about All Saints Day, which is celebrated on the 1st of November every year.

Key events - Festival of the Triumph of the Cross. This is considered to be a holy day and you can witness processions at the church and grand school of San Giovanni Evangelista.- One of the most important events in this city takes place in September is the Regata Storica di Venezia.- You can also witness the Venice Marathon that happens on the fourth Sunday of October.- You can also enjoy Halloween as many restaurants host events on the eve of Halloween.

Venice in Summer (June-July and August)

One of the peak seasons for tourists, Venice gets many heat waves at this time of the year. The days are usually sunny and receive at least 16 hours of sunlight. The hottest month in the year is July and tourists are advised to prepare for mosquitos during their travel. August has an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and is a good month to go for sailing and other water-based activities.

Key events:- The national holiday of Italy, the Festa Della Repubblica takes place on the 2nd of June.- You can also witness the boat race which is held in Venice once every four years called the Palio of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics.- The cultural arts event called the La Biennale takes place in June every alternate year and you can witness many long processions. - You can also enjoy the open-air cinema from July to August called the Arena di Campo San Polo and look at many blockbusters on a large screen.- The most important annual event, the Venice Film Festival, takes place in August every year.

Venice in Spring (March-May)

One of the most beautiful and best times to visit Venice is during spring when the weather is pleasant and you can find plenty of sunshine to enjoy water based activities. The maximum temperature in March is 12 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees in April. You can also find high crowds in March which increases in the month of May. These months are known to have many celebrations such as the week of culture where you can visit all the museums for free. Spring in Venice is also one of the best times to enjoy open air cafes and indulge in authentic local cuisine.

Key events:- One of the busiest weeks, Easter, takes place in March, and Restaurants and other businesses usually remain closed during this time.- You can celebrate Festa di San Marco and Liberation Day on 25th April as Italy was liberated towards the end of the Second World War.- You can also witness The Week of Culture or Settimana della Cultura and enjoy free entry to Museums to promote Italian culture.- Celebrate Festa Della Sensa and enjoy boat parades and an elaborate procession at sea.- Look at the rowing race called Vogalonga as 3000 people participate and race for 32 km.

Venice in Winter (December - February)

The coldest month in Venice is January and the average temperature is 6 to 7 degrees celsius. The days are known to be shorter and the nights dip below freezing point. You will not find many tourists at this time of the year as the overnight temperature dips to one-degree celsius. You can see many tourists in Feb as you can enjoy carnivals during this month.

Key events:- Celebrate Hanukkah which is widely celebrated in Venice.- You can celebrate Christmas from mid-December along with Christmas Eve which is usually celebrated with a multi-course fish dinner.- Enjoy New Years Eve and enjoy parties, music, toasts, and fireworks.- You can witness La Befana or Epiphany, a national holiday celebrated with a regatta.- Another Italian holiday, the Feast Day of Saint Anthony Abbot, is on the 16th and 17th Jan.

Best Time to Visit According to seasons

High Season
Shoulder Season
Low Season

The high season in Venice falls in Summer when tourists are crammed all over the city. You can enjoy the long days and sunshine and most of the hotels have air conditioning so that you can relax in the evening. This is also the best time to visit open-air cinemas and witness the biggest event called the Festival of the Redeemer.

The shoulder season falls from March to May and September to November and is the spring and autumn months of the city. The shoulder season is one of the best times to visit these months as the city is beautiful and you can visit the top attractions with less crowds and beautiful weather perfect for outdoor activities..

Winter is considered the low season and you will not find many tourists during these months. From December to Feb you can enjoy carnivals and enjoy low rates of hotels. The days are usually short and most of the attractions close at 5 PM in these months. However, the temperature is very low during this time but if you enjoy winter you can definitely visit during the low season.

Best Time to Visit for Activities

Rialto Markets
Attend Carnivale
Gondola Ride

The best time to visit Venice for sightseeing is Mid spring during the first half of May. You can find many tourists at this time and you can also find the weather to be warm and pleasant. One can also explore the city in the second half of September where you can visit popular attractions like St. Mark’s Square, Basilica and the Campanile. You can also enjoy the sunlight and take some amazing pictures in the early morning.

Located in the central quarter and the older part of the city, the Rialto bridge is always bustling with tourists. You will not find any difference in the crowd between summer and winter as this is one of the most popular attractions in Venice. The best time to visit Venice Rialto Markets is in the early mornings before 9 AM and you can enjoy the beautiful bridge and look at the local fish and vegetable market.

One of the biggest celebrations in Italy, the Carnival starts 40 days before Easter in winter and lasts for three weeks before the actual Carnivale day. You can enjoy many candlelit parades of boats, concerts and street performances, and also masquerade balls which have a high ticket price. You can also witness people in amazing costumes at St. Mark's square.

You can enjoy the Gondola ride throughout the year and the most romantic time to enjoy it is during winter and spring. The tourists are fewer and you can cuddle up in the ward and enjoy the beautiful view. The best time to go is during late mornings as the sunshine is amazing to take pictures and you can find minimal crowds during this time.


Is June a good time to go to Venice, Italy?

One of the best times to visit Venice is in June as during this time the weather is pleasant and ideal for exploring the city’s famous landmarks. The maximum temperature during this time will not go beyond 35 degrees celsius and you can enjoy calm strolls around the city during this time.

What is the coldest month in Venice, Italy?

January is the coldest month in Vencis and the average temperature ranges between 4 degrees and 7 degrees Celsius.

Is May a good time to visit Venice, Italy?

May is the best time to visit Venice as it will be summer and you will have plenty of daily sunshine and rainfall in May. You can also visit top attractions and enjoy the beautiful Gondola ride to witness breathtaking views of the city.

How many days do you need in Venice?

You can spend 2 to 3 days in Venice and experience domes of the most popular attractions and also visit many surrounding islands such as Burano and Morano.

What is the best time of year to visit Venice?

April to June is the best time to visit Venice. The weather is pleasant and favorable and the maximum temperature will not go beyond 35 degrees.

Is Venice nice in March?

Yes, Venice is nice in March as it is slightly warmer during this time compared to the colder months. However, you might need to bring a jacket to explore the city.

What is the best month to enjoy festivals in Venice?

The best time to visit Venice for festivals is during April. You can enjoy Easter and other festivals like the feast of St. Mark in April.

What is the best time to visit Venice with your family?

April to June is the best time to visit Venice with family, you can attend many festivals, and celebrate Easter during this time. The weather is also warm and pleasant from April to June which allows you to take part in group outdoor activities.

What are the best places to visit in Venice for the best experience?

Visit St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace, Grand Canal, St. Mark's Basilica, Burano Island, gondola ride, and romantic canals for an unforgettable Venetian experience.


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